This time of solitude and self-analysis had comforted him. He had not been able to figure out it all but he felt things were slowly falling in place. He felt he needed to get back on the road now and face what was coming his way.

He had walked for only half an hour when he saw the strange looking couple: an old man, tall and slender, with a short, chubby lady at his arm, both looking quite tipsy if not drunk, talking and laughing merrily, as if they had just stepped out of a party where they had been singing and dancing all night. They looked as if they did not have a care in the world.

“They look happy,” he thought with a pang of envy.

They walked up to him. The woman, with a sweet smile on her face, took off her necklace and simply handed it out to him.
The old man, looking amused at his surprised expression, explained that it was a very precious necklace which she decided to give away. The woman took his hand and placed the necklace in his palm before he could say anything. Then they abruptly turned around and began walking away as if they were in a hurry to get back to their party.

“This is nuts,” he said to himself, watching the couple fast disappearing ahead. Then, he shouted at them:
“Hey, why me?”

“Because we ran into you” he heard them shout back, still laughing

He just stood there with the necklace in his hand.


Tarot Interpretation

At number 10, the Wheel of Fortune will spin and suddenly stop where luck comes knocking.

The Fool has been through a period where he chose solitude, and gathered his thoughts. Now his mind was clearer, and his path more distinct. He didn’t know whether this was a return of his experiences, or simply luck, but this time, life had awarded him.

Sometimes, you are lucky, and nothing but. You carry out no actual action, you have not even vaguely willed for something, but the universe seems to feel generous that day. And it is preparing to surprise you and to present you with an award that will make your day.

A telephone call out of the blue, for instance. Your great great grandmother in Australia, whom you didn’t even know about, has left you, in the absence of any other heir, an inheritance of a million dollars, and it’s not a joke. Or just when the tickets for a concert you really wantedto go to have run out, an old friend turns up with a pair of tickets. A completely unexpected promotion at work, or a woman or a man of dreamlike beauty insist to take you out to dinner. Things you dreamed of saying, “Never in a million years… but what if!” suddenly come true. You are almost too exhausted in amazement to celebrate!

The Wheel of Fortune card brings unexpected fortune to the person who draws it. Events that develop in a surprisingly positive manner, a certain amount of money, or a promotion at work will bring pleasure and profit. The ruling planet of the card is the generous Jupiter, the planet of material wealth, luck and joy.

The Wheel of Fortune reminds you that you, too, will see happy days, and allow you to develop positive thoughts. Existence will no doubt spread its wings over you too, in fact, it is doing so already! Since lady luck has come knocking, you might as well invite her in, and kick off the celebrations! If you scratch the surface of the sweet smile of fortune, you might also realize that you did deserve what came your way.

But the Wheel of Fortune does not always promise good fortune. It is a wheel that contains high points but also low points and periods of transition. How nice that good fortune has been served by this wheel today! But this does not mean that it will always be so. You must not forget that the evil and the unfortunate are in the cards, and accept them in the same manner when they visit upon you.