He finally managed to make it to the other side but it hadn’t been easy. Actually, it had been damn hard: he had to struggle with the high waves and the roaring wind, and there had been moments when he thought he wouldn’t make it.

Then the storm stopped, as suddenly and unexpectedly as it began. He stopped rowing, pulled the oars in, and laid himself in the boat to rest a little. He quickly fell asleep.

When he woke up, it was warm and sunny and the little boat was lazily drifting along the river bank. His wet clothes had dried and he felt rested. A morning like this after such a lousy night! He was happy and grateful, happy that he made it safely accross the river, and grateful for being alive. He slowly rowed the boat to shore until it smoothly ran aground on the mossy bank.

He noticed the music as he jumped out of the boat and stepped on the soft grass. The melody, sweet and beautiful, was oddly familiar, though he could not quite remember where he heard it before. He walked toward the music and saw a beautiful young woman playing a lyre, sitting under the cool shadow of a magnificient oak tree. Flowers surrounded her and butterflies fluttered around her head. Birds were chirping along and a million other summer sounds accompanied her lyre, as if nature wanted to show off its glory in all its splendor. “This must be paradise,” he thought.

The young woman saw him and stopped playing. He hated himself for spoiling the moment, feeling like an elephant that walked into a porcelain shop. His face red with embarassment, he begged the woman to continue. She flashed a smile at him, clearly not minding the interruption.

“Isn’t this place wonderful?” she asked.
Wonderful indeed, he thought, truly wonderful — a place full of wonders, so beautiful and charming, it felt unreal. He had not felt this happy since he set upon his journey. This was a different kind of happiness — bliss, really — that filled him, as his whole being was consumed in this perfection.

The woman stood up and walked over to a magnificient white horse grazing near the river bank. He watched her caress the majestic beast, whispering tender words to it, and he felt as if he was in a fairy tale.
“Princess Charming,” he smiled to himself.


Tarot Interpretation

At number 19, the Sun card will emanate all its warmth and bring elation and happiness to hearts.

The Fool had emerged safe and sound from a cursed night. And the day greeted him perfectly. As he opens his eyes and his heart to the unparalleled beauty of nature, the happiness he sought finally began to dawn in him.

When the Sun card is drawn, light fills the dark night, challenging the cold and the forlorn. This is the most cheerful, joyful and good-humoured card in the pack. It represents light against dark, civilisation against barbarity, and awareness against the subconscious. As you put everything on the right track, it brings you the happiness you dream of. Success, wealth, youth, health… are all very closeby now.ession will help you shed your discomfort, depression, and illusions.

It is impossible not to feel like a joyously unrestrained child. The Sun card will take all the weight off your shoulders and bring you the freshness and energy of youth. You are revived, just like nature in spring. The beauty of nature surrounds you; there is no room for fears and dilemmas in this picture.

The Sun encourages you by showing you that, no matter what, your path is clear, and that it leads to celebration. There is so much that fortune wants to offer you! Life is beautiful, and everything is perfect. The clouds have parted; the brilliance of the sky has extended your horizon. The enlightenment you experience is a sign of your insight and understanding reaching a new level, and shows that you can now speak the language of the universe.

The Sun card brings the happiness, light and joy the person who draws the card is seeking. As it brings the target closer, it increases optimism. Everything is fine, and in the right course. The ruling planet of the card is the Sun, the source of life, the planet of happiness, courage and pride.

The seeds you have sown have sprouted and come into leaf, they are in blossom as you draw the Sun card. The job opportunity you were looking for has turned up. You have found a sponsor for your project, or the payment you were expecting has been deposited. Your enemies have fallen to their knees, and are begging for your mercy, the aspersions cast on you have been proven untrue. As you sip your drink on a tropical island, you feel a sweet breeze and the caress of your lover passing over you.
In brief, life is beautiful.

We have given a mouthwatering description of the Sun card, yet… Spend perhaps a slightly longer time than usual under the sun at noon on a summer day. If your skin has not turned red by the next day and is not aching incessantly, how lucky you are! If your extreme optimism has begun to obscure the facts, it is possible that your endeavours will begin with joy, but end with sorrow. Do not allow yourself to be overcome by languor.