His right hand was pretty messed up but he felt good. What he did was pretty stupid but it somehow helped him. His mind was calmer and his body relaxed but he knew he needed more. He needed something to point him at the right direction, a light to shine his path, as it were.

It was already past midnight when he walked to the seashore. The air was cool and crisp, and stars were shining brightly in the clear sky. He laid down on the moist sand and wanted to empty his head, wishing to become one with the beautiful night surrounding him.

When he saw a bright shooting star, he remembered the old adage about wishing upon a star and smiled. He did not believe such things but he could not help himself; it was pleasant to think his wishes could come true simply by making them at the right time. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

He did not know how long he slept but when he opened his eyes he saw a young woman and a small child sitting next to him on the sand. The child, barely a year old, smiled and cooed, while the young woman handed him a cool jug of water.

He didn’t realize how thirsty he was until he began drinking the cold water from the jug. He finished it all and turned to thank the woman… and that was when he really woke up. It was only a dream but a good dream, nonetheless. He had not had one of those in a long time.


Tarot Interpretation

At number 17, the Star is one of the most luminous cards in the pack –it inspires hope, and begins to dress wounds.

The Fool was shattered. The moment he looked into his eyes, he had seen how alienated to his self he had become. The world was not the world he yearned for, dreamed of, desired. He had taken the mind’s games for the truth, and had made a great mistake in taking the lies he lived for his reality. Now he felt hurt, broken, fragmented. The anger he felt towards his past was so strong that it destroyed his dreams for the future. He was seeking a light of hope, and at that moment, the Star appeared. Storm is much more peaceful than the silence that comes before.

The Star card is a friend in times of need, and it will find you in difficult times. It is there to give you renewed hope; help you develop a positive view of the future and to heal your wounds. It extends a helping hand, holds firmly onto yours; and reminds you that these challenging times will pass, and that you should not forsake your belief.
It shines, in the distance, for you.

It does not, however, instantly change the situation you are in, its face is turned towards the future. It prepares you for tomorrow, and begins to renew you. Meanwhile, it generously gives you confidence. The universe has started to protect and watch over you; and spiritual and physical serenity begin to enter your life.
You might be in disarray at this moment, however your desire is still achievable. Although there is no guarantee for tomorrow, the important thing is that you find the strength to carry on –precisely the inspiration which the Star wishes to provide. As you are motivated by it, you must lend an ear to the call of the universe with all your hearth.

The Star card is there to give,hope to the person who draws it. It shows that the future still contains many possibilities and potential, and inspires the necessary belief, confidence and optimism. It settles the nerves, puts you at ease and begins to heal and rehabilitate you. The ruling Zodiac sign of the card is the humane, reformist and friendly Aquarius, the sign of plans for the future.

The Star encourages you to have self-confidence and belief in your quest for happiness and a beautiful future. If you have been through a bad period, knocked out by life, and begun to lose your self-respect, accept the support of the Star. Realize that lasting happiness and a glowing reputation are still possible.

As the Star provides you with all its positive energy, there is no guarantee for the future. Or for when the future you desire will come true… It is possible to shoulder all these risk with optimisim and trust; or to give up, turn away, or to try to row upstream. The person who will choose whether to progress towards a beautiful without losing hope is, once again, no one else but you.