The storm came suddenly — one minute all was calm and quiet and the next, all hell broke loose. The wind roared, a hard rain slapped his face and huge waves raged in the sea. He began to run, hoping to find shelter until the storm passed.

He saw a big house ahead, ran to it and knocked on the door but no one answered. Maybe the house was deserted; maybe they did not hear him because of the storm. Or, maybe, they simply did not want to open the door to a stranger in the middle of the night. He was wet down to his underpants now and water dripped from his hair, his face and his clothes. He considered taking his shirt off and then remembered the photograph he kept in his shirt pocket. He took it out hoping it was allright but the images had faded and the paper almost turned into pulp. He cursed angrily and resumed banging and kicking the door in frustration, not knowing what else to do.

Then he heard a faint voice. He listened carefully, trying to figure out where it was coming from and realized someone was calling out to him from the river bank. He began running there and saw a little hut by the pier where a small boat was tied. He opened the door and walked in.

Inside the small hut, a middle-aged man sat on a wooden chair. A big, black cat with shining emerald eyes was resting in his lap. “He must be the boatman,” he thought and asked him where he could find a place to spend the night. “Unfortunately, there’s no such place on this side of the river,” said the boatman, “only on the other bank. But in this weather…”

He knew it was madness to try crossing the river. The storm, the waves, no way…He understood from the expression on the boatman’s face that the man had no intention to try.

He looked outside through the small window. The only light that broke the pitch black darkness of the night came from the full moon, barely visible through the clouds. Huge waves crashed against the pier and swung the small boat wildly. It was indeed crazy to even think about taking the boat and attempt a crossing. Yet, he was feeling kind of crazy; he felt strangely courageous and willing to tempt fate.

He got out, jumped in the boat and untied it. He took the oars in his hand and began rowing furiously against the waves. At that moment, he remembered that inn and the inkeeper, like a pale ghost from a distant past.


Tarot Interpretation

As the Moon, at number 18, rises, it also renders visible the thin line between madness and genius.

The Fool has peace in his heart, and a persistent hope for the future. He has not stopped believing in himself, or forsaken his path. However, as the darkest night he will ever see is slowly bringing down its curtain, it is of crucial importance whether he will manage to see the light of day unscathed.

The Moon card is the most important among the cards in the pack that can raise the tension. The door to the subconscious had already been slightly opened by the High Priestess card, and with the Moon card it turns into a bomb ready to explode. As anxiety, depression, illusion and fears pull you in one direction, there is an artistic hand extended towards you that finds inspiration in all these influences and transforms them into beauty. The light of the Moon shines upon a valley that stretches between artistic genius and spiritual malady.

When you encounter this card, you must see how the fear and anxiety caused by past experiences are flowing secretly into the present and the future, and how they are taking different forms; and understand the difference between truth and fiction. The blockage caused by traumas is about to cause personality disorders. The unhealthy state of your mind might drive you towards illusions, trickery and hallucinations. It might force you into embarrassing behaviour, or hurl you into pits of depression.

Your discernment has weakened; you are in a dangerous psychological state. At this stage, you either surrender your soul to disease, and severe your ties with reality; or you see and face up to the reasons that have dragged you into this state. Either way, you will have to open your eyes wide to realize what is going on around you, and differentiate between delusion and reality.

The Moon card subjects the person who draws this card to a test of emotional and mental problems. It is obligatory to face up to everything that has so far been avoided. Although this might be a time of tension and dilemma, it is necessary for the manifestation of related factors and to prevent them obscuring your vision. The ruling Zodiac sign of this card is Pisces, the emotional, intuitive and introverted dreamer.

The Moon card is a sign that you are in a confused spiritual state. You might have lost your way. Your guide might have deserted you. Your location and your direction might be immersed under mist… There seems to be no other option but listen to your intuition, read the veiled messages your subconscious sends you and to develop a conscious awareness by facing up to yourself.

However frightening this card may be, it is also equally inspiring. In the example of the artist inspired by the madness within who can cut off his own ear, but also produce a masterpiece… Or imagine a monk. During a fast that lasts for days, or meditation, even if he loses himself and his ties with reality, it is a holy vision that awaits him at the end of this experience. The light of the moon will provide the necessary light for you to use your creativity and transform this time. A meeting with a therapist, or a meditation session will help you shed your discomfort, depression, and illusions.