Rain had started. He was looking for a place to take shelter but the signpost on the side of the road attracted his attention: “To The Town Fair”, said the bright red letters on the signpost. “This must be the reason for all the commotion,” he thought, now paying more attention to the noise coming from afar and walking towards it. Indeed, it was a town fair – the kind where folks make ham and cheese sandwiches and take their kids to ride the carousel and enjoy other attractions.

He began wandering around the crowded square full of people despite the pouring rain, feeling happy and not at all like a stranger in this small town. A dense crowd, gathered around a small stage attracted his attention. It seemed to be some kind of magic act and he got closer, trying to see what was going on. Before he could see the man on the stage, he heard his booming yet pleasantly harmonious voice. Then he saw him: tall and confident, in a dark blue cloak, showing off a long and magnificient looking white beard. He had a serene yet alert expression on his face, with wise, hazel eyes that seemed to be looking directly into his own. It was not just his own impression, he realized, as he suddenly became conscious of the crowd quietly watching him.

The man was actually talking about him, announcing to his audience that he had picked him for his next trick and then he invited him to the stage. He hesitated for a moment, then walked to the Wizard through the parting crowd.

The Wizard (Sorcerer) pointed at the four small cups spread evenly on the table in front of him and asked him to make a guess. He understood something was supposed to be under one of the cups and that he was expected to discover it but he had no idea what that thing was, nor under which cup it was hiding. He was feeling very self-conscious now, sharply aware of the crowd’s gaze on his back. He quickly pointed at one of the cups with his index finger.

The Wizard smiled and lifted the cup. There it was, a small torchlight just like his. “Nothing amazing about that,” he said to himself. His cheap, plastic torchlight was not special in any way and could be found in any hardware store. Then the Wizard turned over the other cups and he gulped with amazement. He just could not believe his eyes: his book, the old picture with his brothers and a black wallet just like his were all laid there on the table. The rain stopped and the sky brightened. He was stunned.


Magician Tarot Card Meanings


The Magician, the card number 1, is there to render potential visible. It is in fact a great stroke of luck to come across this talented, intelligent and self-confident man, or this “will”.

The Fool had set out on an adventure just for the sake of being on the road –he made no plans. He was unaware of his powers. There was talk of some potential, but it was unclear what it might be. What could The Fool alone achieve, what was unique to him? It is the Magician who can provide the answer to such unknowns.

The gem inside you that is waiting to be discovered is unearthed and expressed thanks to the ingenious hands and open mind of the Magician.

This may well be a new idea, or the solution to a problem, or a certain viewpoint. The Magician has cast his spell; the lighting has struck inside your mind, and illuminated you. Now, all possibilities, means and openings have been revealed and placed under your control.

As for the Magician himself, we can imagine him as a rhetorician, a researcher, a psychologist or a human resources specialist. His ability to use words well, his self-confidence and strong will are some of the significant attributes of this charismatic and humorous man. His greatest talent is to “unearth talent”.

This wise man might also be a scientist who has committed himself to reveal the mystery of nature. In the same spirit, he will not withhold from you the necessary assistance for you to understand and analyse nature.

The Magician often points towards a wise person whom the person who has drawn the card knows, and perhaps dreams of becoming. The card can also represents the “mind and awareness” of the person who draws it. The ruler of the card is Mercury, the planet of knowledge and communication, an intellectual rhetorician and the messenger of Gods.

In brief, the inspiration the Magician provides with his intelligence and will has such an impact that what you were somehow unaware of yesterday is now clearly revealed. He is the necessary stimulus for you to recognize the uniqueness of your character; he expands your horizon to include new ideas, and unearths your talents.

Yet there are always exceptions, therefore caution is of the essence. Seeking the Magician, you might have stumbled upon a crook posing as a magician. He may claim a lot of rubble to be a historical artefact, or worthless stones to be “magic”. A politican that promises the unreasonable to gain votes, or a preacher fixing land deals in heaven…
The Magician who has hands as able as his tongue may also be a thief prepared to steal your possessions from you.

Keep in mind this negative perspective we have developed for the sake of caution and the possibility of a mistake. Yet the Magician is the person everyone hopes and expects to meet. And sometimes, he is as close to you as the mirror on your wall.