The Tarot begins with the Fool, the card number 0. And thus the Fool sets out on a great adventure.



Silence embraced the city as the evening set in. City folk all around the town, except for the night workers, were trying to shake off the remains of the day past. Parents spending time with their kids, office workers looking for relief in alcohol, some reading newspapers, watching TV, others eating, sleeping, thinking and dreaming… Silence had its own peculiar sounds and motion.

A young man was quietly wandering through the pages of a book under the quivering light of a small lamp, barely illuminating the room. He had begun, then stopped so many times that he did not even remember when he had first started reading it. Some times he gave up because he did not comprehend it; other times, the book carried his restless mind to places where he lost his way and could not come back. Tonight, though, the book somehow called him, reminding him that now was the right time to read it. He took a final sip from his beer, closed the book and put it in his bag. He got up, checked his wallet and threw it in the bag, too.

He walked to the old desk, sat down on his worn-out leather chair and examined his few belongings scattered on the mahogany. He took an old photograph and reminisced, from ages ago it seemed, the summer adventures of the three teen age brothers. In his mind’s eye, he saw the red brick his younger brother almost slammed on his head, his older brother’s with his moody airs and himself, lost and pathetic. He remembered his mother’s voice calling them all for diner (“C’mon boys, food’s ready”), his dad pouring raki in his glass (“no water, just ice”).

Good days, those were, not appreciated then and fondly remembered now. But all that was in the past. He held the picture in his hand for a while, not quiet knowing what to do with it, then carefully placed it inside the book. Must not get sentimental now. He just had to get out, shut that door and leave. Leave for where? He had no idea, only faith that one road would somehow lead to others. In fact, he did not feel sad; just the opposite.

He felt happy. A whole world was waiting for him and he really did not care.

He took his long unused torchlight from the cabinet, checked the batteries, put it in his bag and stepped outside. First light of the new day welcomed him. His whole being filled with joy and anticipation.


The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

The Tarot begins with the Fool, the card number 0. And thus the Fool sets out on a great adventure.

The Fool is at point zero, and he is all ready to go. From the viewpoint of the Fool, an amazing experience containing infinite possibilities beckons. Taken over by boundless excitement, he is about to take a step into the new, the brand new. He makes no plans or arrangements.  Let alone searching for the answers of questions such as, “For what, how, towards where?” he is so unprejudiced that he doesn’t even think of asking such questions. It is the adventure itself that will show him the potential the universe contains for him, or what potential he carries through this universe.

The Fool will not only greet you, but will also take you on an adventure that will transform, change, refresh and free you and help you rediscover the world –and your own world.

Becoming the hero of your own story

When the Fool’s energy starts flowing in your veins, the world will become a playfield, and you will turn into a cheerful and courageous child willing to play. The time is now, you will begin to enjoy the world, and become the hero of your own story! An innocent curiosity awakens within you about what the universe will present to you, suspicion and questions remain far away. And your inner voice calls out to you to trust and believe in what this mysterious process of discovery, this adventure will bring you.

The Fool tarot card most often indicates the person who draws it, and the beginning of a new adventure for the person. As an exception, it can also represent a person living outside the norms of society, who has a “foolish” view of the world. The ruling planet of the card is the innovative, rebellious and experimental Uranus that possesses the power to suddenly change the status quo; Uranus is also known as “the great awakener”.

To summarize, this card is the most beautiful new beginning imaginable. It does not provoke any malice or trickery. It encourages you to trust your instincts and act towards your intuition and inspiration without much planning. At this time, when you are hungry and open to experience like a willing child, the universe calls for you –and meanwhile prepares surprises for you.

However, acting with a youthful spirit, you might not see the dangers coming at you and run into trouble. The card gently whispers to you that you should listen to your common sense, or to the advice of someone you trust –even if your heart is beating like a drum with excitement.