When he saw the park across the street, he decided to take a break. He walked into the park and sat down on a bench. The weather was warm and sunny, and the park was full of children merrily running and playing, their laughter filling the air with joy and happiness. He closed his eyes, turned his face to the sun, imagining the warm feeling spreading from his face to all over his body and comforting his soul.

He stayed like that for a while, enjoying the sun and reflecting on his journey, until the cries of a couple of children playing nearby broke his concentration. He opened his eyes and saw two girls playing on a seesaw right across from the bench he was sitting. The girls were about four, five years old. One of them was tall and slender, with light blonde hair and creamy skin, already turning pink under the blazing sun; the other had dark complexion, jet-black hair and she was short and chubby. The only thing that was similar about them was the know-it-all expression on their faces.
They were talking to each other in loud, animated voices which, at times, verged on yelling. There was clearly a problem.

He watched them for a while and soon realized what the trouble was. They were unable to balance the seesaw. The tall girl, because of her weight, always ended up on the lower end of the seesaw, leaving the short one up in the air. The blond girl tried to lift herself up for as long as her longer legs allowed but had to let go after standing up for just a few seconds. The chubby girl, down for only a short moment, ended up in the air again. The tall girl wanted to go up, the short girl wanted to go down and they could not balance one another. Naturally, each held the other responsible for this state of affairs.
They looked so cute in their frustration that he could not resist offering his help. He got up, walked to them and asked if he could join their game. “No, you may not!” replied the tall one immediately.

He knew kids could be stubborn but he was still surprised at her immediate rejection of his offer. He pretended to walk away, drew a large half circle around the seesaw and, coming back to the chubby child’s side, lightly sat himself down on the seesaw.
Thus, he balanced their little universe, believing he was also teaching the girls an important lesson on the value of cooperation and the law of cause and effect.

But things did not work out the way he thought. The girls jumped off the seesaw almost immediately and ran off to the swings, clearly unhappy at his intervention. He watched them for a while and began walking away, wondering about what new, unexpected lessons awaited him on the road ahead.


Tarot Interpretation

Justice, at number 11, introduces its scales and its sword for a realistic, logical and reasonable decision, and for the necessary action to be implemented via compromise.

The Fool had rode his luck, and was now looking for new inspiration. The Justice card will provide him with the inspiration he needs to continue his journey and also remind him of an aspect of his personality he has forgotten about. Thus, the Fool will understand that he has to carry out an inner journey similar to the one he has conducted in the external world, and pass from the material world to the spiritual.

The Justice card is, as it name reveals, a platform of justice. It is impartial, objective and cold. It is realistic. Causality is the principle that reigns over its vision and this is a vision that is sharp enough to bring its sword into the equation to retain the balance of its scales.Justice represents a conscious state of awareness. It tells you about the long-term outcome of your decisions and related actions. The past extends into the present and lays the foundations of the future. Becoming aware of your existence within the framework of this tie will also influence your future.

So one needs to be honest and open. Even if the issue is you, you must stay objective, and observe. This will enable you to see the dynamics that reign over your life; realize the things that need amending or changing and act to find the truth.

The Justice card invites the person who draws it to seek and find the truth, and to be fair to both himself or herself, and to others. Honesty is the first step to be taken along this path. The ruling Zodiac sign of this card is the fair and peaceful Libra who seeks harmony and equilibrium.

The Justice card also indicates a period for decision-making. There are certain things that demand attention, and the establishment of a balance. You must carry an objective judge and an honest witness within you to attain the essence of the situation and pass the right judgement. The path to achieve this is not being moralist, prejudgmental and punitive, but lies in causality, logic and rationality.

As we have stated already, the sword of justice is swift and sharp… If you deal in trickery, are dishonest to yourself and others, it is highly probable that you will both suffer and cause harm. Call a halt, and compensate for harm caused. If you are forcing your body by smoking too much, your mind by working too much, or your muscles by never leaving the gym, accept that you are betraying yourself.

If you think of nothing but material wealth, understand that there are certain things that are not for sale. So you must assume responsibility for yourself, never forget that it was your actions that brought you to where you are today, and implement the necessary adjustments. The light of justice will help you see the reasons and outcomes.