It was very late. When the night came, he was still walking and there was not a sight, nor any light on the dark, deserted road. He realized he would not be able to find a place to spend the night.

“Well, at least it is warm and the sky is clear” he thought to himself. He could sleep under the stars, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the scents of trees and flowers surrounding him. It would be a pleasant change for him, too. He turned on his torchlight, left the road and walked into the grassy field, trying to find a flat, dry place where he could lie down and sleep for a few hours.

He heard the sound of an engine from afar. He was surprised that someone would be driving around this late in the night in a place like this. Then, he saw the big four wheel drive aprroaching to him, obviously drawn by the solitary light of his torch. The car stopped next to him and a man came out. He stood tall, at least a head above him, and very straight. He had broad shoulders and bright, ruthless eyes, watching him suspiciously. “What the hell are you doing here?” the man roared. “This is private property and you are tresspassing.

The man must have thought him a thief, a lunatic perhaps, maybe even a fugitive. He tried to tell him, gently, that he was just a lonely traveller, looking for a place to sleep but he doubted the man heard of him, let alone listen to what he was trying to say.

He suddenly heard a child’s crying. It was coming from inside the car and when looked he saw the child in the back seat, a little boy, 2 or 3 years old at most, crying his eyes out. “He must be the man’s son,” he thought, “probably very upset that he is riding around in his father’s car at this late hour, instead of sleeping in his bed.”

The man also noticed his son crying and he stopped yelling. He threw a glance at the boy, making sure that he was all right, then turned to him and spoke quickly and harshly. “OK, you can spend the night here but I want you out of my property first thing in the morning.” It was obvious he let him off the hook, not out of the kindness of his heart, but because he wanted to go back to the car and drive his son home and put him to bed. He still seemed angry, though, and unsatisfied for having to leave unfinished business behind.

The little boy had done him a huge favor and he was grateful to him. He would be able to spend the night there and that was enough for him for now.


Tarot Interpretation

At number 4, the Emperor, while granting you the knowledge of how he organizes and rules over his own kingdom, will make you ask what power means, and who possesses absolute power.

The Fool had departed with beautiful feelings from the side of the Empress who unconditionally acted as his mother. However, it was necessary for him to meet the Emperor, so that the weaker points of the Empress were complemented. Now was the time for him to get organized, draw borders, and declare his sovereignty within these borders.

The Emperor possesses might, he is aware of every detail. He declares the power that he has acquired by establishing a military order, and renders it operative with the laws he lays down. As a symbol of authority and power, he is a “father” figure. Everything is under control in his kingdom (or, we may say, in his family).

From him, you can learn how to implement your ideas and decisions. Of course, this needs to be done with a strong will, unswerving truths and by focusing on concrete and practical solutions…

The Emperor is loyal to his principles. He is like a father who grants his children the golden rules of survival and conducting your own life. This self-confident man who acts not with his heart but with his reason and logic, this leader, will counsel you to be precise, infallible and stern in your struggle in life.

The Emperor card tells the person who draws the card to take charge of his or her life, and to assume responsibility with an authoritarian and disciplined approach. The Emperor may also represent the father of the person who draws the card, or a father figure. The ruling zodiac sign of the card is the venturesome Aries with its high energy, idealism, courage and determination. Of course, art and nature, love and patience are beautiful, and indispensable in this world. Yet so much “femininity” will remain lacking without the “masculinity”..

Therefore, you need to assume responsibility when the time and place comes, bravely come out and state your position, play according to the rules of the material world and make sure others know “who the real master is”.

These are the conceivable advantages of the Emperor, however, it is not always the ideal that arises. Since it is ruled by Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, the Emperor can also hold great excitement like a baby and become impatient, and therefore lack direction and method. He can be persistent and controlling, an unbearable despot, or just a stubborn character trapped within his own rules. He can be a figure worthy of respect, or a character that attracts hatred…

At this point, you face the necessity to rescue your ego from the desire to rule over others, find valid and practical solutions, establish a functioning order and use it to become your own master.