His head felt messed up, as if he was drunk. He felt tired, confused and depressed. He needed to wind down; do something to get out of this heavy mood and relax a bit.
The town looked almost deserted on this early Sunday morning. He saw that a local film festival was underway and, to his surprise, there was an early morning show. “This might be just what I need,” he thought and walked into the theater. It was an Indian feature, some sort of eastern mythology tale as far as he could tell from the movie poster. He bought a ticket, got some popcorn and sat himself down on a comfortable seat in the empty theater.

He was not familiar with the story. It was about the life of Arjuna, the greatest warrior in Indian mythology. Arjuna was a born warrior; he was chosen after he successfully passed a great trial as “just himself.” Nothing could stand in the way of this great warrior who always focused on his objective with all his being — his body and soul.

Whenever he watched such tales of heroism on the screen, he would imagine himself as the hero — a great archer who never missed, an amazing rider, a courageous, brave warrior who knew exactly what he wanted and always got it; an unstoppable knight who defeated all his enemies with his strength and cunning.
After the movie was over, he got up and stood straight. The spirit of Arjuna possessed him; now he could face all his enemies and turn his battle into a glorious victory. He smiled to himself. His imagination was still as vivid and playful as a child’s.


Tarot Interpretation

Number 7 will be greeted by the Chariot, and departing from the station of love, it will enter into the struggle.

The encounter of the Fool with love had already begun to transform him and show him a new direction. Now he could detect the presence of dangers, potential obstacles and even enemies along his way. Because the thing he desired required him to put up a struggle.

Because the moment you know what you want and understand where you stand in life, then not only your target, but also the difficulty of the process that will take you that target become clear. There will be people trying to hinder your progress and take what’s yours, situations that will supplant you and confusing circumstances. To lose sight of your target to even a small extent might mean losing it entirely amidst this turbulence.
Therefore, there is only one option: To put up a fight. It is high time to gird on your weapons, focus on your target and to overcome potential difficulties with courage. In the simplest words, you must plunge yourself into action. It might not sound nice but you must show no mercy when the time comes, and never submit.

Once you have such motivation, you will not allow anything to pervert your course or lose your focus, or eliminate your determination. You are in control; in precisely the same manner you control the horses of your chariot, the bridles of your horses, or your whip… But this alone will not suffice. You must eradicate not only external but also internal discord. There is no room for suspicion and questioning when it comes to such great ambitions.

As the saying goes, the sword bows to the one who takes charge of it. Eyes are blind, and ears deaf to anything but the final aim. The strength of your will and your determination will assist you in overcoming obstacles in your path and eliminating your enemies –you will be the one left standing. On this path you have set out on for victory, all borders exist only to be overcome and to make you even stronger.

The Chariot card advises the person who draws the card to see the enemies along his or her path, to sort out the weeds and struggle without losing sight of the target. The issue is not external but also internal contradictions –those of thought and emotion. The ruling zodiac sign is Cancer, it moves between water and earth and protects, provides shelter, and places its loved ones at the centre of its aims and actions.

The moment you strongly express your aim, belief and values, it is inevitable that you will contradict others. The fundamental rule at this point is to be resilient. However, the real contradiction might lie within you.

If you are swept from the one side to the other devoid of a sense of unity, and find yourself mired in suspicion, indecision and dilemmas; this state of mind is your true and greatest enemy. If this is the case you must learn not to be swept away by changing tides and be clear in your mind.

All this might, and should give you courage, but even if you do win, do not forget that victory is just the beginning. The Chariot advises to take hold of the reins of your life, but warns you not to act with sheer ambition to win, but for a higher cause. And even then, it recommends that you realize you are still at the beginning of the path, and that you should not allow yourself to be intoxicated by the flush of victory…